Hello Calm

Hello Calm

Liner notes

Many years ago, I used to work the night shift with several other intriguing misfits. By the time I started my trek home, walking past shops and parks, everything would already be bathed in sunlight, but no one else would yet be awake. My otherwise familiar home town took on an eerie quality. My eyes had become so used to the dark that the illumination of everything seemed somehow mysterious and enchanting, my solitude further adding to this otherworldly vibe. I've tried to capture that feeling, as best I can, in many of the pieces on this album.

The last track, Walking In the Rain, is dedicated to my lover of nine years now, Nina. Thank you for putting up with me during the endless hours I spend honing my craft. Thank you, too, for helping me grow as a person, as I hope I've helped you grow in return. Here's to a lifetime of growing together.

© Zoë Blade, 2010

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